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Bear Speaks

Hi Everyone! It's me Bear.

It has been a long time since daddy let me write on his blog. I have missed you. A lot has happened since the last time I put paw to pen. How do you like my Mardi Gras beads? Parades are fun and during the Mardi Gras season, two parades pass by our house. Daddy always has a party and people come over to pet me and give me treats.

I watched the parade from LJ's pickup truck. People in the parade liked me and threw me lots of beads and even some footballs. Daddy and I played with one of them tonight. 

Speaking of football, did you hear about the Saints winning the Super Bowl. Wow, people sure get excited about that game around here. When the Saints made the game clenching interception in the 4th quarter, everyone at my house started running around, high fiving each other, hugging each other, crying, and laughing. I like to watch people have a good time. Because when they are happy, they throw me treats.

I got in trouble around Christmas. Daddy left his bowl of M&M's on the coffee table. He eats them when he watches TV. When they went to work, I gobbled every one of them down. I don't know how they found out, but they knew it was me. Mommy and Daddy told me I was a bad dog. Then they ignored me. I was really hang dog for a while, but that is in the past.

Did you see me all covered in sawdust in daddy's shed pictures? I spent a lot of time watching daddy work on that thing. I was not real sure what he was doing for a while. He spent a lot of time on the roof and all over the shed. Every now and then, I would hear a lot of bad words. Once I looked up and daddy was holding his hand. He told mommy that he had hit the wrong nail.

OK, my paws are getting tired, so I am going to wrap this up. It was fun telling you about some of my experiences. 

Bye for now,



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Hey Bear! I'm glad your back in Cyber Space's Blogland, where you write about your life with the family. :-) Sure it was a long time ago that you were here.

March 10, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterHerman

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